Your Responsibility

Patient must understand their OWN network, plan benefits, and plan limitations.  Your health insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance.  All charges are ultimately your responsibility, whether you have insurance or not.  Not all services are covered under all plans, regardless of whether our doctors consider the care medically necessary.  Because there are so many plans, it is not possible for us to know the specific details of your coverage.  By making a copy of your card, it does not confirm that we are part of your Network.  We always do our best, but failure of our office staff to identify out-of-network plans does not waive your responsibility for payment of services rendered.

We are in network with most traditional PPO plans:  Our recommendation is to call your insurance about a week before your appointment and ask if your plan’s network includes our office, and what patient cost sharing may be applied.  You authorize your insurance to pay us directly.

Bring patient’s Insurance Card to every visit.  Patients with insurance are responsible for ensuring that our insurance records and other information are up to date.  If your insurance has changed please call us immediately. Patients who have not presented a valid active insurance card will be considered self-pay/cash-pay- and they must pay in full at the time of visit at check in. Our front office staff will tell you your account balance and ask if you want to make full payment. Patients will have full responsibility for charges if we cannot process a claim due to incomplete, inaccurate or obsolete information.  If your insurance changes, you must notify us immediately (even if you do not yet have your card); delays caused by patients can result in the claim being uncollectible from insurance, resulting in patient having full responsibility for all charges.

Medications: Bring all medications with you to your appointment. If there has been an interval change, stop your medicine or you experience a side effect let us know. We encourage you to take your medication as recommended by your doctor and discuss any concerns at your visit.

Appointments: Make sure you get to your appointment at least 15 minutes early to register and have your current insurance card and I.D. for verification.

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, it is YOUR responsibility to call our office and reschedule or cancel. If you do not notify us at least 1 business day from your scheduled appointment time you will be billed $25 for established patients, $75 for new patients and returning patients that have not been seen in our office for over 2 years and up to $300 if you miss a scheduled procedure.

Health: We encourage our patient to practice healthy living, preventive checkup, screening, vaccine and follow up lab results and test carried out. Healthcare is the patients ultimately responsibility.

Follow up lab result/xray/CT scan/ultrasound, etc: A follow up appointment will generally be made for you to follow up for your results. We do not give or discuss results over the phone. This allows for personalized review in case you need further treatment or test based on your results. We encourage you to come for your follow up as scheduled.